ColorBack Groundcover colorant for home and landscaper use.

COLORBACK™ is a liquid landscape colorant to bring your mulch, Pine-straw, and grass/turf areas back to life. It will renew the color to your faded ground cover or bring life to any dormant areas. This liquid concentrate is easy to mix and spray, providing a vibrant and rich new color to your landscaped areas creating a fresh new look to any home or commercial property.

YES. COLORBACK™ is an environmentally-friendly product, and is safe for people, pets and plants. Tested in a full-service laboratory and contract research facility, COLORBACK™ was found to have the safest level of toxicity, category IV, the same as everyday sugar. Salt and Baking Soda have a higher level of toxicity than COLORBACK™.

Used as directed, an application of COLORBACK™ can last up to one year. Typical mulch will fade and need to be touched up each season. The colorant will not wash off or fade when applied in dry conditions and the product is allowed to dry for the proper amount of time before any rain.

NO. COLORBACK™ is a durable concentrate formulated to fully encapsulate the mulch/grass fibers in vibrant and rich shades without washing off or leaching into the soil. Used as directed, applied during dry conditions, and given the proper amount of time to dry before a rain, COLORBACK™ will ensure proper color, strength, and longevity of your ground cover, significantly reducing the added expense of refreshing or replacing your mulch.

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