Announcing COLORBACK™!
Simple to Use.
Safe for Kids, Pets & Plants.

ColorBack is a new easy to use ground cover color restorer.
Preserves Mulch and Bark 2-3 Times Longer.

Lawn grass color restored with ColorBack spray.

Restore Color to Faded Mulch
And Keep Your Mulch Looking
New All Year Long!

Use colorback spray to easily restore yard color.

A ground cover colorant that is easy to use, safe for the environment, and saves you money!

Bring that COLORBACK™ this season with our environmentally friendly, landscape colorant. Ground cover such as pine-straw, mulch, and grass/turf areas can fade, discolor, or become dormant. Bring all these areas back to life with COLORBACK™. Renew and preserve your existing ground cover while extending the freshly landscaped appearance with our easy-to-use pump spray application process, saving you valuable time and money.

Experience the benefits of COLORBACK™ lawn color restoration concentrate.

Easy to Use

COLORBACK™ comes in a concentrated formula, easy to mix so you get maximum color and coverage.

View Application Directions.

3 Convenient Sizes

COLORBACK™ concentrated lawn colorant is available in the perfect size to suit your landscaping needs.

Product size and coverage options.

Where to Buy

COLORBACK™ is for sale online. Just click the retailer logos on our purchase page.

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ColorBack Groundcover Renewing Products

Mulch and Bark Colorant

A liquid mulch colorant concentrate. Restore your yard's natural beauty and save money over buying new mulch. COLORBACK™ can bring back the color to landscaping bark, brown mulch, red mulch, and black mulch.

Pine Straw Colorant

A liquid colorant that restores natural color to pine straw. A half gallon of concentrate treats up to 6,400 Sq. feet!

Green Grass Colorant

A liquid grass colorant that can restore natural color, save time and money and preserves grass.

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